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Entebbe Municipal Council Bids Farewell to Mr.Charles Magumba and Welcomes New Town Clerk

On the 7th of March 2023, the Entebbe Municipal Council held a farewell party for their former Town Clerk, Mr Charles Magumba, and welcomed their new Town Clerk, Mr Emmanuel Mugisha Gakyaro. The event was held at Paniele Beach in Entebbe and was attended by many notable guests, including the Mayor of Entebbe, His Worship Fabrice Rulinda, the former Mayor of Entebbe, Steven Kabuye, a delegation from Masaka City led by their Mayor, Her Worship Florence Namayanja, the former MP of Entebbe, Rose Tumusiime, as well as the technical and political team of the Entebbe Municipal Council.
During the farewell party, the Mayor took the time to express his gratitude towards Mr Charles Magumba, thanking him for his dedicated service to the community during his time as the Town Clerk. The Mayor also welcomed Mr Emmanuel Mugisha Gakyaro to his new position, expressing his confidence in his ability to continue to lead the Entebbe Municipal Council towards success.
The event was not only a time for farewells and welcomes, but also an opportunity to recognize and honor retired staff members who had previously served the community. The Mayor awarded gifts to these individuals, expressing his appreciation for their dedication and hard work over the years.
Overall, the farewell party for former Town Clerk Charles Magumba and the welcoming of new Town Clerk Emmanuel Mugisha Gakyaro was a significant event for the Entebbe Municipal Council. It was an opportunity for the community to come together and show their appreciation for those who have dedicated their time and efforts towards the betterment of their town.


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