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Entebbe receives town clerk

Entebbe Town clerk handover

Entebbe Municipal Council witnessed a momentous occasion as the former town clerk, Mr. Charles Magumba, handed over his responsibilities to the new town clerk, Mr. Mugisha Emmanuel Gakyaro. The event was graced by the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Rulinda Fabrice Brad.

Mr. Magumba served as the town clerk for over a decade, and during his tenure, he initiated numerous development projects that transformed the town. He was praised for his dedication, professionalism, and exceptional leadership skills, which enabled him to effectively manage the council’s affairs.

In his farewell speech, Mr. Magumba expressed his gratitude to the council members, the mayor, and the people of Entebbe for their unwavering support during his tenure. He also congratulated his successor, Mr. Emmanuel, and urged him to uphold the same level of dedication and commitment in his new role.

Mr. Emmanuel, who was appointed through a rigorous selection process, expressed his appreciation for the trust and confidence bestowed upon him by the council. He pledged to work diligently towards achieving the council’s objectives and priorities, including improving service delivery and promoting accountability and transparency.

The Mayor, Mr. Rulinda Fabrice Brad, congratulated Mr. Emmanuel on his appointment and thanked Mr. Magumba for his outstanding service to the town. He noted that the council had achieved significant milestones under Mr. Magumba’s leadership, and he hoped that Mr. Emmanuel would continue the same trajectory.

The event was marked by a symbolic handover of the town clerk’s office keys, which was witnessed by the council members and staff. The outgoing town clerk, Mr. Magumba, handed over the keys to his successor, Mr. Emmanuel, signifying the formal transfer of power.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks to Mr. Magumba for his exceptional service to the council and the town of Entebbe. The new town clerk, Mr. Emmanuel, was urged to work closely with the council members and staff to ensure a smooth transition and continued progress in the town’s development.


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