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The Government of Uganda (GoU), spearheaded by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLHUD), launched a new program to support the special urban needs for infrastructure improvement – the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) Program, which is supported throughout the implementation by a World Bank International Development Agency (IDA) Credit to the tune of US$150 million.

The 5-year support (FY 2013/14 -2017/18) program encompasses support to municipal infrastructure development and institutional capacity enhancement, support to core ministries related with these activities, as well as to program management arrangements and institutional strengthening.

The USMID Program is based on the experiences from other projects supporting local services and infrastructure such as the First and Second Local Government Development Program (LGDP I & II) funded by the World Bank and other development partners1, and the Second Economic and Financial Management Project (EMFP II), which were supported by the World Bank since 2000, and the Local Government Management and Service Delivery Program (LGMSD) co-funded by Government and the World Bank.

USMID builds on the achievements and lessons of these programs with the hope that it will further deepen implementation of the policy on local service delivery and strengthening of the municipal capacity to deliver improved infrastructure and services. It is also anticipated that the USMID will improve community participation and ownership of services; sustainability of services; promote economic development and improve the quality of life for the increasing number of people living in the urban authorities in Uganda.



Entebbe Municipal Council received funding under the program and during the first phase (Phase 1A), Entebbe under took the rehabilitation of the

Church, 2.072Km

Fulu, .171Km

Basudde Rise .32Km and

 Nyondo close 0.131Km

Phase 1A of the project cost Uganda Shillings 9,025,275,297/= (Nine Billion Twenty Five Million Two Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven shillings)

The commissioning of the above completed roads was done on the 1st of September 2016 by the Honorable Minister of Lands Housing and Urban Development, Betty Amongi.

The same function saw the launch of Phase 1B of the project still under USMID funding the second funding. The projects to be undertaken include the rehabilitation of selected roads including

Serumaga, .1Km

Mwawula .119Km

Lutwama .407Km and

Gabunga .341Km

This phase of the project will be completed in 12 months