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Stakeholder Engagement Meeting on GKMA Integrated Urban Development Master Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Meeting on GKMA Integrated Urban Development Master Plan

The recent stakeholder engagement meeting held on June 10, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to develop the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA). The meeting, centered around the GKMA Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (GKMA-UDP) and the dissemination of the Infrastructure and Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) results, brought together key political and technical leaders from various municipalities within the GKMA.


The meeting was graced by several distinguished guests and stakeholders, including:

  • Hon. Kabuye Kyofatogabye, Minister of State for Kampala City Council Authority
  • Mr. Emmanuel Mugisha Gacharo, Town Clerk of Entebbe
  • Kabwama Charles, Deputy Mayor
  • Political leaders of Entebbe Municipality
  • The technical team of Entebbe Municipal Council
  • Technical team from Kampala

Key Highlights

1. Emphasis on Integrated Road Networks Hon. Kabuye Kyofatogabye highlighted the critical need for an integrated road network within the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area. He stressed that such integration is essential for enhancing connectivity and ensuring smooth transportation across the various municipalities. This integration would not only facilitate economic growth but also improve the quality of life for residents by reducing travel time and congestion.

2. Collaboration Between Political Leaders and Technical Teams The Minister urged political leaders to closely collaborate with their respective technical teams to guarantee the successful implementation of the GKMA-UDP. He emphasized that such collaboration is crucial for aligning political vision with technical expertise, ensuring that the development plans are both realistic and achievable. This partnership is expected to streamline the decision-making process and enhance the efficiency of project execution.

3. Joint Planning and Supervision A significant point of discussion was the need for joint planning and supervision among the various stakeholders involved in the GKMA Urban Development Master Plan. Hon. Kyofatogabye called on the members to engage in cooperative planning efforts with other municipalities such as Makindye Ssabagabo and Mpigi. By doing so, the interconnected road networks can be effectively developed, providing a seamless transportation system across the entire metropolitan area. This collaborative approach is anticipated to foster a cohesive development strategy that benefits all regions within the GKMA


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